Below is current information about The Crawford Family, our music and how things are going!  Please check back.  We will have updates in a timely manner.  Thank you!

July 2012

We have just sent out a new release to radio stations.  It is called "Run Through The Gates".  It has already made it to # 4 on Radioactive Airplay for the week.

Our last release, "We'll Cast Our Crowns At His Feet" made it to #85 on the Singing News chart.

September 2011

"His Precious Blood" has moved to number 6 in the nation as seen on the September "Power Source" magazine chart. The Lord keeps sending blessings and we certainly give Him all the glory.

Our newest radio release, "Endless Well", is also doing well.  It is too early to determine if it will do as as well as "His Precious Blood",  but it is being played on many stations across the country.

August 2011

"His precious Blood" has moved to # 18 for August on "Power Source'", a national publication.

"Endless Well", our new release, is doing very well.  After being released in July, it has been the #1 song for two weeks in a row, on "Gospel Music Week", another national chart.

July 2011

"His Precious Blood" has charted nationally.  It was number 46 on "Singing News" for the month of June.  It is number 43 on "Power Source"  for July. We know the Lord has His hand on this and we give Him all the glory.

We are in process of releasing a new single in early July called "Endless Well".  It is more upbeat than our last release.  We have had several music directors say it will be a hit.  We will just wait and see and let the Lord do His work.

March  2011

“His Precious Blood” is doing better than we imagined it would do.  It is on heavy rotation by many stations.  It has charted on at least four stations that we are aware of at this time. Several DJ’s have said it is a perfect Easter song.  We will let you know how it progresses.

January  2011

We mailed out our new release “His Precious Blood” on January 3, 2011.  We’ll let you know how it does on radio stations.

November 2010

“Lord, Take Me Up” has had tremendous success especially from a new national group.  It was played heavy on many stations and was a DJ pick to Singing News by one music director.  We thank those stations that played our music.

July 2010 

We have finally decided on the name of the  release to radio stations.  The song is called "Lord,Take me Up".  The preliminary reports from stations across the country are very favorable. We will keep you informed about its progress.

April, 2010  

Finally…finally, the CD project is complete and we have the CD’s.  With every type of delay that is possible, the project is finished.  Thank You Lord!!!

The title of the project is “Promised Land”.   We feel it is our best CD ever.  We are praying that the Lord will lead us in deciding which song to release to radio stations.

The CD was recorded mostly at MillWest Studios in Fayetteville, NC with Wesley Pritchard as producer.  The CD has 10 songs with most of them as a first time recording.  Nancy’s husband makes his songwriting debut with his song “My Favorite Book”. 

The Lord has blessed the Crawford Family so bountifully over the years and we give Him all the glory.

November 2008

The time has finally come.  We are beginning another CD project.  Most of the sound tracks have been completed.  We are not sure when the full project with vocals will be completed.  Kristi, the youngest of the trio, is expecting in May.  With Christmas coming and all the “goings on”, we may finalize the project in January or it could be later.  We think we have some of the best songs ever on this project.

Just a note about Crawford Family performances. 

We perform as often as possible when the time does not interfere with our church.  We try to be faithful on Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night.  We have to turn down request when there is a conflict with our church.

June, 2007 - "If You Believe" has been sent to radio stations across the country .  We are already getting good feedback  Call you local gospel station and ask them to play it.

May 2007; Be on the lookout for our new release:  "If You Believe"  Radio stations should be receiving it the first week of May.

June 17, 2006 - "He Gave Her Water was ranked number 2 on radio station Global Southern Gospel based on listener response

May 5, 2006 -“He Gave Her Water” was ranked number 1 on the radio station The Light Atlanta based on listener response 

April 28, 2006 -“He Gave Her Water” was ranked number 9 on the SonRise radio station in the United Kingdom, based on listener requests

April 22, 2006-“He Gave Her Water” was released by The Eddie Crook Company on sampler 2006-04

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